Tom Hanks will receive Lifetime Awards for his amazing acting talent

We all know Tom Hanks. He is one of the most amazing actors out there that have been on the screens throughout our lives. Lately, he has been eligible to receive one the best rewards of all time which is the Lifetime Awards. He has been a lead actor in many hit films. Films that have changed and inspired many people around the world. Let go through hank’s life and remind all the great things he has given to us throughout his life.

He was born in the state of California in the year of 1956. He had a hard upbringing since his parents divorced since he was just 5 years old. He moved around a lot until he was ready to start high school and moved to Oakland California for good. After finishing high school he then started to go off to junior college. Through his college years he found out what he really wanted to do in life and that was acting. 

He started taking part in background roles and then decided that he would peruse a career in acting so he decided to risk it all and drop out of college. Then he went to the city where dreams come true and that was New York City. He made some small roles in a few movies in the ’80s and then took part in the lead role of Splash, a movie about a young man that falls in love with a girl that was in fact. 

Then the young actor played a leading role in the hit film which was Boy. The film was about a 13-year-old boy that woke up one day as an adult. The film might not make much sense at first but at the same time is an original hit for its time. Tom Hanks had proven his talent through TV throughout the whole world. After his hit, he stares in smaller roles until he got a lead role in Sleepless in Seattle.

His role of Forest Grump in the year of 1994 will be the film which he is more known for. The film talks about a man that has a low IQ that goes through important changes through America lie the Vietnam War, the JFK scandal, etc. After the huge success of the movie, he was soon nominated for Oscar awards. 


The fame would soon rise for Hank as he would win the heart of viewers around the world with his leading roles of Apollo 13 and being the voiceover of Toy Story 1-4. The children’s movie would mar history due to the movie’s originality and a unique voiceover that was provided by Tom Hank himself. The now 63-year-old is admired by all of the worlds and is now a so-called veteran of Hollywood. But that does not mean that he will no longer be seen on TV. It is said that he has other plans to take part in future movie roles.



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