Toddlers breaking the racism mentality when they hug each other unconditionally after not seeing each other for a few days.

When we are kids, we don’t know the meaning of racism or selfishness. We don’t know hate or anger. We don’t know how to despise or divide or how classism works. We are these pure beings full of love and compassion that see the whole world as one and love everything around us. This is why when see kids do things like these two toddlers did, we are astonished, because we lost that spark that they have, when we became adults.

Maxwell and Finnegan are both 2 years old with one month of difference in their age. They take the bus together to daycare and have become best friends with each other. They also live in the same neighbourhood which means that they spend a lot of time together, sharing moments and love with each other. But when they were apart for only a few days, they missed each other so much. When they met again, they just ran up the street with zero cares about the world and with big smiles on their faces they hugged each other in the most innocent way.

Michael, Maxwell’s father, was present at that moment and he hurried to record the whole happening, gifting us this cute and heartwarming video of these two little angels running in each other’s arms in the streets of New York. Though they come from different races and ethnicities they don’t really care. They are pure beings and love each other just as they are. The video has gone viral all over the internet as people are witnessing this perfect moment, showing that racism is something that we made up and that kids don’t believe in.

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