Should Santa Claus be a man, a woman, or genderless?

People have gone completely nuts nowadays. You find controversy about everything and I mean everything to everything. People will argue about politics, sports, taxes, jobs, income, social status, beliefs, religious background; economic growth and so on and so on. These people will debate about almost everything and it all comes from the brainshwashing of the media, showing us our differences instead of our similarities. They will say that you are different in this and you are different in that and then might end up hurting you by saying the wrong words when you open up.

People are now debating on whether Santa should be a man or a woman. While there are people trying to defend the status quo and the historicity of the figure, other think that a female Santa would be modern, replace the old and outdated model and would be a bit more feminist. Why do we even need a Santa anyways? Kids already knows who buy their presents. And even if they don’t should it be a long discussion like this. It is just a mythical figure who when invented it happens to be a man.

A poll was help over the choice of the gender of Santa and 26% received feedback that Santa should be completely genderless in order not to offend transsexual people. Ok then. Let’s make Santa another color in order not to discriminate the African Americans, but that’s right traditions. So yeah, this discussion should not even take the time because it is not worth arguing.

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