Plumber lost his job and opened a non-profit to help elderly people.

I was just talking to my wife today about how maybe volunteering can help a person go through depression. After all, it is said that our dopamine levels are balanced when we help another being and we feel this sudden happiness and inner peace. It is a great feeling, isn’t it? And I’ve heard a motivational speaker, Les Brown says: the most selfish thing you can do is help someone else; because of the good feeling you get when you do it.

James Anderson is a man with a simple but honoured mission. He used to have a job as a plumber but after he lost his job, he decided to open up his own company and not just a regular one. It is a nonprofit company, meaning that he is getting into debt to help other people. He wrote a receipt for an old lady and it read zero. He literally did not charge her anything and even though people are praising him as a hero, he thinks that it is totally normal and that everyone should be doing something else with their job, rather than just join the crowd.

James is a father but what he cares is helping other people. He lives by one simple philosophy that he has developed himself. According to James, no people, or better yet, no old people should get harmed or die due to the lack of warmth and hot water in the house. He says that this is a human right and he is doing the right thing. Hopefully, others will join him in his cause.

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