13 day old girl adopted by a single man after being rejected 20 times

Adopting a baby or a youngster is not an easy decision to make, but how does it feel when you’re the adoptee and families skip over you. Well, take a step into a young girl’s life of rejection, when she was rejected by her mother first, and then by 20 consecutive adoptive families.

Today, we will be talking about Luca Trapanese and his perspective of adopting baby Alba. There are thousands of reasons why this story might’ve gone viral. But, one of the most important ones is the fact that he is a homosexual man. And most of the time, this fact alone is enough for social services to refuse to grant custody to somebody.


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Esprimere la gioia di Alba in una foto è impossibile….❤ #nataperte #alba #vacanza #sun #paternità

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But, they decided to grant Luca custody and make an exception for him… and everybody’s pretty happy about it.

In a BBC story, Luca Trapanese, a 41-year-old Italian homosexual man, wrote a book about his journey. A journey in which he adopted Alba, a girl who was suffering from Down Syndrome.

He spoke in a radio interview, and there he explained why he thinks that his story might be different from the others. He mentioned that in his case, he broke all of the stereotypes about religion, fatherhood, and family.


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I momenti di relax con Alba sono veramente pochi😂😂😂 #alba #nataperte #padre #diversità #single #roma #nuoviamici

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According to Luca, in his country, adoptions for homosexuals have been a controversial and complicated affair. But, he adopted baby Alba when she was only 13 days old and was already rejected by more than 20 families because of her disease.

He himself has been responsible for many people with special needs and took care of them because he worked in many care centers. And his biggest wish was to become a father. So, his two biggest passions became a reality when he adopted Alba.


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Abbiamo la bici porta Alba😊 #alba #estate2019 #Procida #bici #libertà

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This was one of the main reasons why he decided to start the process of adopting Alba despite the fact that he didn’t have a partner.


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Tornare a casa è sempre bello! Ph. Emanuele Cigliuti #marzanoappio #casa #gattogiorgio #alba #nataperte #estate2019

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As BBC put it in their story, Alba, now Luca’s daughter is a determined little girl. And she loves to spend time around other people, and she is also passionate about dancing and playing.

What do you think of Luca’s case? Were the social services right to grant him the request? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below. Don’t forget to share this article and get other people’s opinions on the matter.

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