A Heartwarming Photo Takes Over the Internet – Five-Year-Old Girl taking Care of her Sick Brother

Lots of children around the world are battling different types of diseases each and every day.

The best thing we can do for them, if you have someone who is suffering, would be to help them and do something good for them.

And, in today’s story, we’re going to talk about a photo that a mother shared of her daughter helping her leukaemia-sick brother, Becket Burge, a young boy who was diagnosed with lymphoblastic leukaemia in the second year of his life.

Lymphoblastic leukaemia is a type of cancer on the blood cells, and it requires lots of severe treatments in order to be eliminated.

Receiving chemotherapy and blood and platelet transfusion is not an easy thing, especially not if you’re a two-year-old boy.

But these are the means doctors use to battle this deadly disease. And, Beckett stood strong during all of his treatments.

In the photo taken by Beckett’s mother, you can clearly see him leaned over the toilet because he was probably sick of the chemo.

And you can notice his bigger sister, Aubrey, standing next to him as always.
This family is located in Princeton, Texas, and is standing strong trying to motivate the sick kid.

The mom, Kaitlin Burge, stated that Beckett and his sister developed a strong bond because of Beckett’s disease, and you can notice that relationship in the picture that she shared.

Kaitlin said that a strong bond is an essential part of families. And the ability to go through all of these things and still stand strong together is fantastic.

The mother explained that the little girl did not understand what was happening with her younger brother.

But, from experience, she gathered previously she knew that she should rub his back when he was sick.

She knew that this would help her brother get through whatever was happening to him. So she took over, she kept rubbing his back, washing his face and cleaning him.

After her brother felt better, she even helped him get back to their living room and helped him get on the couch.

And, she even asked her mother if she should clean the bathroom, but she told her that that’s not her job, she’s always running around and helps whomever she can, whether it’s her mother or her brother the one who needs help.

She offers to clean, helps her brother get through his sickness, and even makes sure that she cleans everything that her brother’s about to come into contact with.

Kaitlin’s amazed by the bond her children have. She continued to explain that she feels happy when she sees them like that, together, but she is also sad because of the tough time her son has to go through.

She also stated that their bond grows stronger with every day and that they’re getting closer and closer together.

Kaitlin added that a young girl that’s five years old should not stay inside. Instead, she should be out with her friends, playing, running, and being happy.

Aubrey enjoys gymnastics, but she had to stop training because of the financial problems that were in front of them.

But, the good thing as Kaitlin puts it, is that they have each other when Aubrey wants to play with dolls, Beckett is always there and plays with her, and when he wants to play superheroes, she plays with him.

After spending a full month in the hospital, he finally was able to get back home and celebrate his sister’s 5th birthday together with his family.

Doctors say that he would need to endure treatments for two more years in order to start getting better, but as long as he has his loving family alongside him he knows that he can get through everything!

Our team wishes Beckett Burge a full and fast recovery.

We know he will stand strong and get through any obstacle that life has in store for him.

WE KNOW YOU CAN MAKE IT BECKETT! His family will always be beside him no matter what, and that’s how they can get out of this problem.

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