The new face of a makeup brand is a model with down syndrome.

I have written about models with the Down Syndrome before and I personally think that it is a great initiative from their part, to break that usual opinion and common thought on people that suffered from Down Syndrome. It is truly great that there are these people who have the courage to go beyond anything and anyone before them and give inspiration to other people who might have the same problem or disease. These people are the real role models of this world and they are to be praised or promoted.


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Can’t wait for Belfast fashion week tomorrow night🎉❤️

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Kate Grant is only 20 years old and she is becoming the new face of a makeup brand. She participated in World Peagent and won Teen Ultimate Beauty title. She also got to participate in the Belfast Fashion Week which was a huge move for her it seems like her contract is going great and she is doing things far beyond anyone her age or with her condition. She is the first person with the Down Syndrome to ever be in the role of representing such a big company as Benefit Cosmetics. And an Instagram picture was what got her the job.

She posted on Instagram wearing a Benefit eyeliner and it received great feedback and positive comments. The word spread and Benefit Cosmetics saw this as an opportunity for a new campaign they can do for the people with the Down Syndrome. And this campaign is about the same eyeliner that she was using in that photo. Let’s hope that this is a real move from Benefit Cosmetics and not just another commercial to get more money.

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