Tiger goes through an amazing transformation after being abandoned at 8 months.

It is very common for people to abandon animals. Being dedicated to raising one is a tough challenge that not everyone has the guts of doing it. On top of that not being able to supervise the animal, might lead to injuries and malnutrition. We hear countless cases every month of animals being found at the end of their rope. Now some of them luckily make it out to the world again with some help from caring humans, while others sadly don’t. The tiger in this article managed to go through such an amazing transformation, with help from an animal rescue center.

           Aasha was 7 months old when Vicky Keahey found her and her condition was horrible. You could not tell that she was a Bengali tiger, from her weigh and the bald hair here and there. All in all, she weighed around 37 pounds, which is very little for a tiger cub of that age. On top of that, she had missing hair here and there. Resources showed that she used to belong to a circus and Aasha used to live in the same cage with another, a bigger tiger who was not so friendly to her.

           Vicky heard about Aasha through the U.S. Department of Agriculture and she could not believe her eyes when she first saw the little tiger. Aasha’s condition was really bad, but Vicky took a vow to restore her health. The tiger was also suffering from the ring warm beside the other conditions that she had. The caretaker started doing daily therapy and medication sessions with Aasha to make sure that she would quickly get healed. And day by day the tiger cub started getting better and better, while her appearance also started to improve.

           But Vicky was having trouble with Aasha getting into the medication bath, being a big car the tiger did not really like water. Vicky sometimes had to chase her and put her into the bathtub to make sure that she got the session right. And over time, Aasha started getting a lot better. Ever since 2011 when she was first found in that miserable condition she had changed drastically, turning into a beautiful female tiger. Now they had to get her a partner and they found a perfect candidate for her.

           They put her in a territory with Smuggler, a male tiger who went immediately crazy for this beautiful female. Smuggler would try to show off for her to impress Aasha. They got close together and sometimes would even take common baths, where Aasha would splash around. After some months of getting to know each other, the staff decided to put them in the same living space and ever since then Aasha and Smuggler started living together. She looks nothing like she used to when the rescue team first found her, making an amazing transformation.

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