This 4 year old steals the show and becomes the image for American Girl

Every mother’s dream is to have a daughter who will shine while wearing a sparkly dress and be called adorable while being the center of attention. This is exactly what happened to this mom. She had four daughters in total and the one that made it to the big screens was the daughter she least expected. It was her four year old daughter Ivy Kimble that has Down syndrome stole the show and the hearts of millions this October. She became a model instantly for American Girl by her cuteness overload.

Ivy was not alone though, she and other children that had were impaired got accepted to get a chance to appear in the photo. But Ivy was unique. She was the one that stole the show and she was proud. Wearing a pink and sparkly dress and even holding a doll dressed just like her and that also had Down syndrome. She looked so cute and adorable waling on the stage she immediately became an idol and an inspiration to many out there to see that children and adults that are diagnosed with Down syndrome are as human and as loving as everybody else.

Ivy and her mom want to see more children with a disability in front of the big and flashy screens to make people more aware that there is no need to be afraid of them or see them as dysfunctional because just like Ivy at such an early age she achieved something that her mom thought that was achievable only by her other daughters. By Ivy winning a spot in American Girl her mother says that she became more aware that her child can do much more than she thought she could do, and being in contact with other children with disabilities made her realize that these children are the same as other children. They have a purpose in life, they have a talent, and they also might have something they really love to do. 

All in all, people with Down syndrome were seen as dysfunctional in this society, but they were strong and beat all the odds and proved us wrong. As much as we can be successful, they can be successful also. They have proved so. One thing I do not understand is why people make such a big deal out of these people. I see them as normal and I even have had normal conversations with them. 

I think that these people should not be labeled anymore because they are the same as saying ‘an albino girl’ which anyone rarely does or puts any attention to. Albino people have a unique look and some complications that is the same thing with down people, they look different and have some complications, but both function just fine in this society. So why do people make it a big deal when a down person achieves something? 

We agree, Kirsten! We think your daughter Ivy is beautiful just as she is.

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