Three-year-old performs national anthem in front of 6000 people full of confidence

Raising a child is no easy task. In the first five years of a child’s life they mimic their parents or loved ones, they learn through their surroundings and most importantly they watch what others are doing. This is a major factor in their development. So that is why most parents do their best in the first five years of a child’s life to educate them in the best possible way. But the most important thing that a child needs to have is a sense of self-worth and confidence. 

You may see these cute little angels get nervous when they’re in front of somebody they don’t know. My baby cousin is a good example. Every time I am alone in the house she recognizes me and she comes and plays and acts as if she is herself. But when I invite a friend over, as soon as my little cousin comes for a visit and sees a stranger she doesn’t recognize, she either hides behind her mother’s legs or she starts crying. 

Being nervous in front of somebody that is not familiar is normal for most three-year-olds. But this toddler named Drake did something that not even most adults have the guts to do. He amazingly performed the national anthem in front of thousands of people. Not only that, he did it with full confidence and did not even stutter once. It was an eye-opener to see such a little boy have such self-worth and confidence. He knew that he had the talent and skill to leave behind such an amazing performance. After he sang the national anthem by heart the whole public started clapping. 

Then Drake’s mother came along and Drake began to embrace her. Thanks to his mother and other relatives who have been taking care of him he has gotten to learn about how to be self-confident and how to not have a problem being surrounded by not just strangers but thousands of strangers. Self-confidence and self-worth are very important not only to children but adults too. 

They boost up our mood and also develop our social interactions not only with our friends but with strangers. Building up confidence can start as early as the day you were born but some people just aren’t as lucky to develop it that early. Either way, even if it was not taught to us to be confident, this story should inspire us to build self-confidence and see all the doors it will open.


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