Couple getting married suddenly get interrupted by a beluga whale

Every woman dreams of her wedding as it is one the happiest day of her life. They spent months picturing this day and sorting out every kind of detail that it involves. Because this day is so special for a bride and the groom, it is really thought out from the food to the decor and also the events. But some couples are so lucky they get some unexpected surprises. And what is even more surprising is that they don’t even have to try at all.  

Everything happened in Connecticut. A couple was exchanging their vows and they had set up a perfect place for their wedding located in an aquarium. I believe you can picture that beautiful and emotional moment where both were looking at each other in the eye, full of love and locking their hearts in front of their loved ones. But suddenly something happened. And it would make the Internet lose its head. While the couple was exchanging their vows out of nowhere a beluga whale interrupted them. 

You might be wondering how can such a creature just appear and interrupt a wedding? Well, since the couple was getting married in an aquarium, sea creatures were all around them. But it seems like one Beluga whale was curious enough to see what the humans from the other side of the glass were doing. The bride’s reaction when she saw the beluga whale was out of control. She could not stop smiling and showing her excitement for what was just happening. Not only was this whale curious but he was one cute creature. 

His questioning eyes and what seemed to be like a tiny smirk he had, left everybody shocked that in such a perfect moment and timing this Beluga whale appeared. As weird as it can be, other creatures of nature can be as curious as humans when it comes to seeing other species doing something that they don’t usually do. The moment was so beautiful it had to be photographed and of course, videotaped. The captured images immediately were uploaded on Facebook and other social media. 

And you can guess that the public went crazy because they could not handle the cuteness overload of that captured moment. But there was more to it than just that. People just had to express their imagination. So there were a couple that edited the photo and made it seem like the bride and groom and the priest were all beluga whales.

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