Beautiful performance takes place by ice skaters when “sound of silence” begins to play 

Skating is a beautiful form of art. It is a beautiful way to express emotion through movement. Morgan and Vanessa of France held the whole crowd up on its feet from their performance. The ice skaters were together in Japan coordinating their movements to the chilling and beautiful vocals of David Draiman.


The performance was so spectacular it was something impossible to forget. The pair skated at the international skating union team competition that was located in Tokyo. The moment the pair entered and started skating on the ice they waved at the audience. But the audience had little to no clue of what they would soon witness. As the music began the melody of the song filled the air. 

The duo started their first Moves. They both moved in perfect harmony with each other complementing each other beautifully in their flawless performance. The performance was so perfect they did not even make one mistake. From each jump to each spin even when Vanessa was held high up in the air it was flawless. 

When two people collaborate with each other such as in skating you can see what connection they both have. Many people speculated that from the duo’s amazing skating and the happiness that was shown in their faces as they were dancing on ice, it felt that you were watching a beautiful love story flourish. It is great to see two people acting as if they are one and expressing it through movement. 

Of course from this beautiful performance, Vanessa and Morgan would have a few rumors on their shoulders on how they looked so in love with each other. But it is not just roses and butterflies when being on the ice. It is completely clear that the duo had high levels of skill. Vanessa Morgan had such coordinated movement even though the chances of danger during the performance are high.

This just shows how they completely trust each other and are confident that everything would go out smoothly. But of course to reach such a level of performance perfection they might have just practised it countless times. Not only that, but it also includes years of studying the other partners’ movements. 

Of course, as you can expect Vanessa and Morgan earned first place in the competition. It was much expected by the public as their performance was just out of this world. The only thing left to say here is that by practice, determination and collaboration people can achieve the unachievable. 

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