This man’s prayers might have saved thousands of people’s lives

We have seen how terrifying the fires in Australia are. And, people and animals have been trying to stay as far away from them as possible. The small town of Mallacoota was one of those towns that the huge flames almost wiped it out. David Jeffery, who is a small business owner in the city, like everyone else in town, ran to the cost so that he can get away from the fire. It got so bad that the flames even got near all the people who were staying at the beach. Everyone was ready to jump in the sea if the fire came any closer.

Jeffery has said that it was so bad that all the black smoke made the day look like it was late at night and that everyone was expecting the worst to happen. They stood at the beach and just looked at the flames coming closer and closer, they could even hear a loud roar as the fire burned everything in their path. He said that at one point, a cloud of black smoke just went towards them, and it was so thick that it was very hardtop breath and see. But Jeffery says that because of his desperate prayers, which God heard, he didn’t let anyone lose their life.

Jeffery, who has been a Christian for over 25 years now, intentionally said he was an atheist before. He also asked the media outlets he gave interviews to write the exact words he was saying. Jeffery wanted people who have lost hope and have forgotten religion, don’t see the story, and say that they don’t believe anything Jeffery was saying.

As the flames were coming closer and closer, Jeffery and two other people started to pray in hopes that God will see the situation and help them in this terrifying situation.

Jeffery, in his prayer, said that the people need God to save them and if he can to blow wind from the east so the flames would retreat. Jeffery has said if it wasn’t for the prayer, they would have had half-a-minute until the fire and smoke had caught them. As soon as the word came out of Jeffery’s mouth, a small wind from the east started blowing. As Jeffery began getting louder, the wind started getting stronger. When Jeffery noticed that something was changing, it encouraged him to keep going and keep praying. He wasn’t bothered at all what people were going to say, as they were watching him from behind.

Jeffery has said that no one was expecting wind that day and that it was all done by God to save people on the beach. The wind was blowing for a good five minutes, enough to stop the fires going towards the people. When the flames started going back, and the thick black smoke started clearing, Jeffery and the other people that were at the beach could see the fire going towards the homes. Some people stayed at home trying to save their houses from catching fire. When Jeffery saw that the fire was going towards people’s houses and his Wave Oasis B&B, he started to pray again.

Jeffery has said that he heard God tell him to pray again, and he started praying, but a voice inside him said that if you want something to happen, pray more and more. Jeffery then started asking God to send his angels from above to save the properties and the people who were inside. The following thing that happened even left Jeffery’s non-Christian neighbors without words. For the second time that day, God answered Jeffery’s prayers.

The flames that were heading towards the homes suddenly stopped. They have said that like someone had just turned them off. The houses, the grass in front of the houses were left untouched by the fires. Jeffery’s neighbors have said that nothing else could have done this except God himself.

After everything ended and the fires have been put out, Jeffery is offering his B&B for people who have fled their homes and need a place to stay. He also has opened his door for firefighters and emergency responders who need a place to spend the night and get some sleep.

Because so much people have seen and heard about what Jeffery said in the interview and saw his story, Jeffery keeps on spreading the power of God and the benefits he got from it. He has been saddened by all the people who have lost their houses and loved ones by the fires, but he is still hopeful and that if people find God, it will all get better.

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