Teens return wallet full of cash to the veteran who lost it.

There are not a lot of people out there who have a kind heart. Most of the people out there cannot wait for the opportunity to screw somebody up. Whether it is by scamming someone or by taking advantage of something that is not ours, people, in general, tend to be selfish beings. But apparently, not everyone is like this. Not everyone in this is the world is greedy and selfish and always looking for ways to profit off of others.

This article is about a couple of teenagers who did the right thing when the opportunity presented itself. Makhia and Makyla found a wallet on the ground which contained credit cards and hundreds of dollars in cash. They checked on the ID and when they saw that the wallet belonged to a veteran they did not hesitate to return it to its rightful owner. After all, their grandfather was a veteran and they knew it well what kind of sufferings the vets go through. So they did not think twice about going to the veteran’s house and returning the wallet that they found.

If it would have been most people, they would have probably kept the wallet to themselves. Marc Welsh was the owner of the wallet. He had served in the Marine Corps. Marc dropped his wallet on the snow while doing his grocery shopping. He had already been struggling to find work and if he would lose that cash he would be in a lot of financial trouble. But most people do not even consider that when they take something that is not theirs. For example, I have heard of cases where people have lost their phone or laptop, and strangers have not returned it, despite it having years of work and materials inside.

Makhia and Makyla tracked down the address of the veteran and made sure that they returned the wallet to him. But they had no idea that they would be doing him a huge favor. They did not find Marc home so they left the wallet on the front porch. Marc got the news only when his roommate told him that his wallet was somehow on the porch. Upon checking the security footage, Marc found out who his mysterious friends were. He made sure to meet them and thank them from his heart

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