This dog’s sad story proves that dogs will always remain a man’s best friend

Ben adopted a dog he named Denali when he was going through a really hard time. He had previously split up with his girlfriend that he loved so much. The moment when Ben got Denali that is where both of their life would take a dramatic change. From living in the city with his girlfriend, Ben found himself living a nomadic lifestyle along with his dog. They would not stay in one place and would travel through the Oregon wilderness together.


They soon became best pals and would not split from each other. Their lives were just perfect and filled with adventures and joy until one day it, unfortunately, came to an end. Ben was not feeling good and was having a lot of complications so he decided to go to the doctor. The doctors sadly diagnosed him with cancer and gave him a chance of survival only if he got chemotherapy treatment. 

Ben was so worried that if he would not make it, his dog would be left heartbroken and all alone so his only request was for Denali to stay with him during treatment. And surprisingly the doctors allowed that. Some time passed and Ben looked like he was getting better, even Denali was getting excited to see him more in shape. Even though at the end Ben had a full recovery, cancer left him discharging from a tube in his stomach. Ben felt lucky he was alive and despite his new way of discharging he continued life with Denali better than it was before.

When humans see themselves nearly dying all of the best of memories they had appear. This was true for Ben also, so because he started to see life differently and appreciate it more, he decided he would visit the best places he had been through with Denali. Some time passed and both of them had forgotten all about cancer and were having the fun of lives until Denali started to get sick. Ben was worried and feared that Denali would not live longer. He sent his dog to the vet and saw that Denali had cancer, but it was uncurable. Both of them realized this and were as sad as they could ever be.

But not wanting to spend Denali’s last days in sadness, Ben made the best out of it and recorded every beautiful moment of Denali. After no longer than a month, the dog looked his owner in his eyes in a sad way he had never done before and instead of eating his meal he came to sit on Ben’s lap. Ben was heartbroken seeing his best friend going through his final days. He realized that Denali had no appetite and energy to move and was also aching from cancer, so Ben decided what was best for Denali and that was to put him to sleep. 

Denali proves that a dog is a man’s most loyal friend due to the fact that he was always there for Ben and never left his side no matter what. 

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