Being born in December can give you an advantage

A lot of people don’t believe in things such as being born on a specific day of the month, the actual month, or something like zodiac signs and other superstitions. Most people believe that everything you do makes you who you are, how hard you learn in school, how hard you work at your job, how you interact with people, and how good of a person you are. You can become the person you want to if you work really hard on yourself and focus on things that can make you a better person. If you don’t believe in something like, what month you are born in can give you some advantage, just check out these studies and researches. They prove that if you or your baby are born in the month of December, you have a bit of an advantage.

For starters, some scientist in Bologna, Italy, have found out that if babies are born in December are more likely to sleep better. This study shows that babies who are born in the last month of the year sleep better than babies that are born in summer.

Another study has shown that babies born in December, grow up to be early birds and have no problems getting up early. This can be an advantage because if you get up first and start your day early, you can be more productive.

It is also proven that December babies live longer. Their life expectancy is much higher than babies born in the rest of the months. The research has shown that people who were born in December are more likely to reach 100 years.

Adding to the previous study, it has been said that people born in December have less of a chance of getting heart diseases. This is another plus to the point of more likely reaching 100 years.

Some studies even suggest that babies that are born at the end of the year are more cheerful and more sociable, it is not for certain, but a lot of things point to that.

Some studies have also shown that babies who are born at the start of winter, can be healthier and can fit in with the crowd easier, but also that they can be smarter. Research has been done in schools where school years are sorted from January to December, and the youngest students tend to be the most intelligent.

It is also a fact that people who are born in December, grow up and go study to be a dentist. Statistically, most of the dentists today are born in December, and we can all agree that this profession can be gratifying.

Who knew?! Do you know anyone born in December? If so, pass it on.

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