After a long time, a boy receives a reply to his message in a bottle

The idea of a message in a bottle is that you right on a piece of paper everything about you, who you are, what you like, roll the paper up, put it in a glass bottle and seal it. Then you go to the nearest cost and put it or throw it in the ocean. We have all seen this in movies and cartoons when we were young. And we wanted to throw a message in a bottle into the sea as well, and hope some stranger finds it somewhere in a different part of the world. Today’s generation might not even know about a message in a bottle and because of technology became such a big part of our lives we kind of forgot about it. Having the ability to talk to anyone in the world with ease makes the internet amazing. Still, there is something about a message in a bottle that is more satisfying. One kid a long time ago threw his bottle in the ocean and years later forgot about it, but one day he got a message in the mail that surprised him.

9 years ago, at a beach in Rockport, Massachusetts, Max Vredenburgh threw a message in a bottle in the ocean and hopped that someone across the world would reply. He saw the idea on TV and wanted to do the same. Max sat down, got a piece of paper, and wrote all his favorite things. The latter said he liked apples, cars, that he was interested in space, and that his favorite color was blue. When he finished writing it, he told his dad, and they both went to the cost so Max can throw his message in the ocean. Almost 10 years later, someone replied. Max was at college, and one day, he got a text from his dad that something was in the mail for him. Max didn’t know who could it be and completely forgot of the letter that he throw in the ocean. When Max got home, he took the letter. Max saw that it was from someone in France when he opened the letter he immediately remembered about the message in the bottle he sent almost ten years ago. Max, after reading the letter, has said that it was a surprise of a lifetime and that he didn’t think that someone would reply.

A man found the bottle washed up on the coast of France as he was walking on the beach, he replied that it took the bottle 9 years to travel the distance that separated them. He has said that at that time, Max certainly has grown up a lot. The bottle had to travel 3000 miles across the Atlantic Ocean so it could get to France where Mr. Dubois to find it. Max was so excited and amazed that after reading it, he took pictures of the letter and posted them on his social media, after a couple of days, the post went viral. Thousands of people liked it and started sharing the story. People started commenting that he is fortunate, even if it took so much for someone to find it. Others have said that they are still hoping someone would reply to their messages in bottles that they have also thrown as kids.

It wasn’t long after the post on his social media went viral. Big TV networks and newspapers started contacting Max and wanted to come and write a story about him and his message. Max told them that he is so lucky that someone found his message in a bottle and that he has written back to Mr. Dubois and thanked him for writing back. He said that he will keep in touch with him and try to get to know him better.

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