This couple is letting their baby live ‘gender-free’ by not telling anyone his/her gender

This couple is doing something that might just be the new trend in the next decade we are entering. This is the first time I hear it and it was shocking to me but at the same time, I was not against them either. This couple has decided that their baby will be ‘genderless’. This has struck their whole neighborhood in curiosity because of the fact that this couple named Jake and Hobbit keep their baby’s gender a secret. People are so curious and are left scratching their heads and trying to guess what gender does their baby tends more to look like but no one has really found out. 

These parents are so serious about keeping their child’s gender a secret they have not even given it out to family members. The only one that truly knows about the gender of this baby is a grandparent and of course both of the parents. The curiosity everyone that knew this family skyrocketed and they got so much attention that they got invited on BBC. Here they were talking while millions were curiously watching. 

Giving birth to a baby is no easy step for anyone. Both parents have to decide on how they will raise their babies and what mentality will they put in them. I might say that I and my wife as a couple do have some sort of similarity with this couple because as they chose to raise their baby genderless we have decided to raise our baby by self-educating him/her and not sending them to school. This is because we want our children to be different and not be educated as the rest of the world. The educational system has gotten too complicated and filled with useful information and wrong morals about life; at least that is what we think. 

The decision is very risky whether you are raising your baby gender-free or out of society’s norms because, in the end, you do not know what might happen. Maybe they just wanted to be normal and you brought so much attention to them that they start to hate you for all the effort you have put into raising them differently. Well, I say that if you think you can try and change this world for good by educating your children first and the method you will use does not hurt anyone mentally or physically then I say go for it. 

Jake and Hobbit were questioned by BBC for the reason they do not give away the gender of the baby and also how they raise this gender-neutral baby. They said that the reason that they tell no one about the gender of their baby is simply because they do not believe in labeling their baby based on what private organ they have. and if the people already know the gender of the baby they would call the baby with gender pronounes like her/him which they are against. they want their baby to be called with pronouns such as them/they. They also told BBC that they try to neutralize everything for the baby to have the best of both worlds. The baby is dressed in gender neutral colored clothes and they also play with cars and barbies at the same time. The parents said that they just want their baby to have their own identity and be themselves without needing to be labeled.


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