This 17-year-old decides to make a generous act by rebuilding ruined graves of veterans

Everyone comes into this world to complete the purpose they have. This 17-year old which is a high school senior was a boy scout. All scouts have a tradition since the old days that the evening before Memorial Day they go to the graves of veterans to give out respect and to remind themselves what these people have done and how much they have sacrificed themselves in order to keep the country alive and stronger than ever. 

Austin did just that on Memorial Day Eve and as he was putting flowers on these veteran’s gravestones he realized that he could not see most of the names written on the gravestone because of the way they have been damaged in the last couple of years. Austin felt terrible about this as he has so much respect for these veterans. He understood the pain and suffering they went through in order to make the place he lived better. He felt that since these veterans had done something for him he had to give them something in return. 

He started to plan out how he would be able to do such a thing and make these veterans rest in peace just like everyone deserves to do so. So he decided that he would recover as much veteran graves as he could in his community. He felt really bad that people could not read the names on the graves of the people who served their land so not only did Austin plan to restore these graves but also he planned to make a book out of all of the names of the veterans he did a good to.

A donation was opened for Austin to make his dream come true and restore these graves. He saved nearly $7000 and then managed to put his plan into practice. With the money he got he managed to save and restore 55 of the most damaged veteran graves in his community. Not only that but he also put in display the book he promised he would. This is a very kind and rare act coming from a 17-year-old boy. Most are too selfish and lost in parties and nights out to figure out what small things can make their community better. Even if they find a good thing to do for their community they might be motivated for some days then forget all about it and make up excuses like they do not have enough money. 

But they are not the worse people of all, the worse are the ones who say they will do well in this world, get the donated money and disappear. That is horrible when it comes to the community and the poor people that donate to be a part of a good difference in this world. So bravo to Austin for making a small but noticeable change in this world for people to enjoy and learn more about the veterans who saved their country

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