Phone call scams that are going on around hotels

Ever since the invention of the telephone, the advertising companies and the big, mega, large businesses have used them to sell products to people. We all have heard of telemarketing. It is not done only through your TV or through the stands when you walk on the streets. They are everywhere. They are all over the internet, ready to scam you. They are the ones that call out of nowhere trying to scam you. Ever since the doors opened to telemarketing, people have been scammed in all kind of methods, and this is yet the newest method people are being scammed.

You know when you check in a hotel and instead of paying cash you decide to pay with your card. Well usually when they have a problem with your card they either tell you right away. Or if the system they use takes some time to complete the transaction, they might tell you after a couple of hours while you are already at your room. It seems like someone has found a cheat code in all this and is using it to scam people in the worst way possible and empty their credit cards.

What the caller does is that they firstly call the hotel immediately and they ask to speak with some random room number. They give the excuse that the person’s phone is off and ask the courtesy of the hotel to pass the call directly to the room. Let’s suppose it happens to be your room. They will pretend to be the reception downstairs and say that they had a problem processing your card so they need the data again. They will insist that you don’t need to come down, but simply cite the card’s details including the CVV number in the back. Once they have that and your address, you have been scammed. Share it with everyone you know and tell them to be cautious.

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