The phone explodes out of nowhere and kills a fourteen-year-old girl.

We take life for granted, don’t we? We think we are just going to be here forever and we can do whatever we want to do and there are not going to be any repercussions. Well there are. And you never know when life might hit back. Take the example of the city where I live. they are building tall ‘illegal’, skyscrapers right by the shore and stacking them up against each other, but when an earthquake hit a couple of weeks ago, everyone was totally terrified.


never know when or how death is going to come. You can just do your best while you are a life to be thankful for the life that is given to you. We bring death to ourselves sometimes. Take my grandmother’s case. She suffered from anxiety and fear of death all the time and all her life. So when she became old, every time she would feel dizzy or a little sick, she would go to the doctor and fill her body with medicine. She was fine. She didn’t have any disease. But the thought of it caused her to literally take so many pills that her liver couldn’t bear it anymore.

What I am saying is that the unthoughtful actions we take, are sometimes what brings us towards destruction. A fourteen-year-old girl has been found dead in her room with an exploded phone right beside her. Apparently, she had fallen asleep listening to music, with her phone plugged and put below her pillow. Was it the company’s fault? Absolutely no. Because a phone can explode at any time. There is a slim chance that it’s going to explode in your pocket or head. But we increase these chances by not using the phone in the proper way.

When my wife goes to sleep she does the same and then when she wakes up, she complains that her phone is really hot. She just told me that since her phone is of an advanced level when her phone gets really hot, it shuts down automatically. I am still doubtful about it. The fourteen-year-old girl Alua Asetkyzy is gone to never come back and she has left her best friend behind, who is probably in shock learning about her death. Life is too precious for us to go out like that.

According to experts phones only start heating when you keep them in an isolated environment such as under your pillow or covered with a blanket. So you have to be really careful while using them. There is a one in a million chance that it happens, but once it is done, it cannot be undone. I always make sure to keep my phone away from me when I am sleeping. Like everyone else I let it charge all night, but away from me, so even if it explodes, it does not affect me.

Everyone please make sure this does not happen to anyone else by passing along this story.

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