A bus driver has been helping little girl with her hair ever since her mother died.

I cannot imagine anything more painful for a child then to lose their parent. It must be a very hurtful thing to go through. Having to deal with the pain and the sorrow while feeling alone and realizing that they are never again going to show up out of nowhere to greet you. I know people who have gone through such pain and it has been really tough for them. But with the support of the right people in our lives we can overcome even the most heartbreaking sorrow.

We all need someone in our lives to be able to help us spiritually and give us emotional support during hard times. It is in our nature to seek support since no one can make it in the world alone. It is essential that we have a good friend, (who can be even a stranger at times), to whom we can express our pain while they just hold us there. For me my best friend is my wife, who allows me to open up and connect with her while I might be going through a tough emotional state.

When Isabelle Pieri lost her mother at the age of 11 she was shocked. She didn’t know if her life made sense anymore. Her mother was gone. Cancer took her life. What was Isabelle supposed to do now? Who would teach her all the girly stuff and who would be the one person braiding her hair? Her mother Patricia Pieri was a pure soul who loved her very much, but she was gone now. Gone to never come back again. Isabelle was going to Alpine School and she was taking the bus every day. She asked her father one time to do her hair, but he just couldn’t do it right.

So Isabelle would go to school with her hair half done. That is when the bus driver, Tracy Dean noticed her and decided to help her do the hair. Tracy would drive the other kids at home and then spend some time with Isabelle braiding her hair and giving her emotional support for the loss of her mother. Tracy had been the bus driver of the school for ten years and the last year has probably been her best since she got the chance to help someone else who is in difficulty.

When asked, Tracy Dean says that she doesn’t think she is doing anything great at all. Just helping another human. Just showing a little love to someone else who needs it. That’s the way she was raised. She even taught Isabelle how to brush her hair and would check every morning how she looks. Isabelle’s father is so grateful for Tracy has helped her restore her confidence and self-esteem. Unfortunately Tracy was also diagnosed with cancer years ago. She is the mother of four kids and has a daughter at the age of Isabelle. Let’s just hope everything goes well for both Tracy and Isabelle.

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