Husband Spends 2 Years to do Something Amazing for his Blind Wife

It’s a well-known fact that women love flowers. And, gifting your wife, one red rose tells her that you love her. But, growing a garden full of pink flowers proves to her that you love her.

Mr. Kuroki did all of this and more and took the gesture of getting flowers a whole step higher for the rest of us. Mr. Kuroki and his wife got married back in 1956. They are from Shintomi, Japan, and Mr. Kuroki owns a dairy farm there. After being married for 30 years, and having 2 children, the Kurokis decided to go on a retirement trip. But, their plans were soon flipped upside down when Mrs. Kuroki started seeing the signs of diabetes. Namely, she lost her vision, aged 52.

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Mr. Kuroki could notice that his wife is sad and depressed with her state, and he wanted to do something that would cheer her up. He knew that she couldn’t see the world anymore, so when he noticed that there were people admiring his garden of moss phlox, he knew what he was going to do. He wanted to take the world to her.

He decided to plant more and more flowers in his garden, hoping that this would gather more people. He knew that she loved those flowers, and despite the fact that she couldn’t see them, he knew that just the scent of the flowers would bring a smile on Mrs. Kuroki’s face.

He planted thousands of flowers in a period of 2 years just so he could brighten up his wife’s life. And, after two years, he could finally see the fruits of his labor. And, as he said, it was worth it, because he could finally see his wife smiling again.

Mr. Kuroki’s garden gathers more than 7000 people on a daily basis when the flowers are blooming. He turned their cowshed into a garden with a couple of thousands of moss phlox. He turned an ordinary cowshed into an attraction that gathers thousands of people.

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