Police officer comforting lost toddler while the hospital staff is doing a check up.

Around 2,000 kids get lost everyday. That statistic is a staggering number when you think of all the dangers that are included in the outside world. How can someone just leave their child without supervision? It is truly horrible that we have such a lack of responsibility when it comes to taking care of our own kids. There are many cases where kids don’t just get lost, but in fact they are either abducted or abandoned. We must raise awareness on the case to make people realize that we are truly hurting our next generations.

When I was little I got lost, (fortunately inside the front yard), for a whole day. It was a terrible experience and it has given me phobia from darkness and also claustrophobia. On top of that I suffer from anxiety now that I am an adult. So getting lost for a kid it can ruin the whole process of growing up. It can fail the process and the kid will end up an adult with mental issues, such as anxiety, depression and deep emotional insecurities that he or she is scared to face or talk about. And then we are in need for a professional therapist.

A toddler has been found wondering around the streets alone. James Hurts has found the 16 year old kid in Georgia, alone, without supervision, wondering around, lost and afraid. He has taken the toddler immediately to the hospital to check about any diseases but during the whole check up process the toddle started being afraid. He started crying and was so scared of the whole situation. But then Officer James did something of a hero and took the little kid in his chest to give him comfort.

The kid slowly calmed down until he fell asleep on the officer’s chest. A photo was taken by someone who was at the hospital and once the photo was shared on social media it has gone viral, making officer James Hurts a hero. Luckily the kid had no health issues and no other health related conditions so he was sent to the child services to take care of him until they are able to find his parents. What officer James did has probably reassured the kid that everything is going to be alright and that he is safe now.

That is essential on a kid’s life. I didn’t have that in my life. I vaguely remember how I was found from that dark spot where I was hiding. I think it was my father who found me late at night and I was half awake and half asleep, probably exhausted from calling for help all day. What made me go there after all? It is unexplainable to me but what I do know is that this has affected me for life and recovering from it is going to be a long process of therapy. Let’s hope the same doesn’t happen to this kid.

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