World’s first couple with Down syndrome to get married still inseparable 27 years later

After marrying 27 years ago, the world’s first Down-syndrome couple is still happily married and inseparable.

The Metro stated that the couple Gareth and Deana, who met back in the far 1981 in England, Cumbria in the local Community center was only 17 and 19 then respectively. After a couple of happy years ahead, they’re still here and love each other as they did on day one! They sure do put up with each other! Deana told The Metro that she first fell in love with Gareth’s red hair and his ginger beard! And Gareth spoke about the girlfriends he had before Deana, and he added that he’s sure that he chose the right one!

Gareth and Deana at their home in Cumbria (Picture: Tim Fisher for

Happily Married!

In the beginning, the two were just good friends. And, their parents did not realize the seriousness of their relationship until later. Gareth’s mother stated that nobody knew anything about their relationship up until the moment when they started talking about getting married. After nearly a decade since they met, the two got married in 1992. 

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