The oldest man in the UK with Down syndrome has beaten all odds

Today people are getting more informed about Down syndrome and are seeing that people with this kind of disability as science calls it are achieving much more than what is expected for them to achieve. We have heard lately that these people are taking over the internet with their modeling talents as we have seen a lot of people with Down syndrome achieve such a thing. But what we might not see throughout our life is an old man with Down syndrome. 

Well, the media was suddenly surprised that one person named George Wildgust had Down syndrome and was still alive good and strong even after 77 years of life. When he was born in 1942 he was diagnosed with the disability and was told to his parents that he would not live more than 10 years old. Okay the doctor’s claims might have been overly exaggerated because usually people with Down syndrome pass away at the age of 40-55 years old. The oldest person with Down syndrome I have met was probably in his late 30s and this might be just my experience that makes me think like this but the younger the person with Down syndrome is, saying his late teens the more capable he is to go through daily life as all people.

George in the other hand is the oldest man in the United Kingdom and he is still funny and somewhat charming. He claims that the reason for this is that he has been told by his parents all his life that he was normal and he could do anything, so he thought the same way and managed to get on with life just like any other. Unfortunately, George’s parents passed away but thanks to his other family members showing him love and supporting him he was able to have a long and happy life.

Now he lives in a care home where he feels safe and loved by his friends and often visited by his family specifically by his niece Nikki who bonded very well with her uncle. Both would sit in the care home and color in coloring books. George also loves Face Timing his two siblings from time to time and keeping in touch with his old friends. That is what keeps him going he says. Another thing that also kept him in shape and beat all odds was the art of dancing. George loved to dance with practically anyone and would dance pretty well. 

As he and his niece got interviewed by the media they were doing what they loved to do with each other which was drawing. George had some shyness towards the camera because he did not talk much and just focused on drawing. He only reacted when his niece reminded him of his girlfriend he had met in the care home. He claimed to miss her dearly because she was no longer living there and had moved somewhere else. Apart from that George has plenty of other friends and company in the care home which he has a blast with.

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