Son of famous actor Robin Williams decides to pass on the name to his newborn

Everyone remembers Robin Williams as a part of our childhood. We saw him in different films like Peter pan, Happy feet, Artificial intelligence, Jumanji and more just increased our imagination to be limitless. Robin was born in the state of Chicago but like any young person with dreams he went to the big city of Los Angeles and started to perform on stages as a comedian. The preforming was liked by a lot and this made Robin not only raise up the stairs of comedy performing but he also got some parts in acting.

He managed to be the best of his time in acting and let people with an ache in their stomachs due to laughing too much. This let Robin get a lot of roles in tons of movies just because his surprising ability to make people laugh. But soon all the fame came to his head so he followed the road of many actors and entertainers which included drinking alcohol and doing drugs. That flipped his life around and made him become addicted not realizing and appreciating the true beauties of life. 

Even though Robin had addictions he was still able to run a successful show and never ran out of ideas. But his career as a standup comedian was hard because of the competition. Many claimed that Robin stole their jokes, but Robin always denied doing such a thing and went on with his career. 

He had two children with his first wife which he married in 1978, a son and a daughter. His son has recently become a father and has decided to honor and pass down Robin’s name by naming his son McLaurin which was Robin’s middle name. Robin’s son said that he wanted to pass the legacy that his father left for the other generation. He and his wife are now living happily as a family along with their newborn they call Mickey as his nickname. 

Sadly Robin did not get a chance to meet his grandson because he passed away years before. As he seemed like the happiest guy on TV he certainly felt way different when the spotlight was not shining on him. He had problems with his addiction for years and it was like an ongoing relationship between the two. One time he would be clean and the other would relapse. In the last years of his life he told the media that he felt alone and was dealing with depression. Of course people were sad and tried to help, but he still would not feel any better. The depression he had become chronic until it was too late to go back without intensive care and help which Robert did not have so at age 62 he committed suicide by hanging. The news came as a shock to his family and the whole world because no one ever thought that such a talent and someone who could have everything in life could spiral down in such negativity. 

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