Carpenter saves $3 million throughout his life and provided scholarships for those who could not afford to go to college

A carpenter named Dale Shroeder worked his profession for 67 years. He learned good trading which brought him good money. But Dale was really different from the others. He did something that would make anyone curious and that is saving for 67 years of his life every single penny that he got and lived below his means. Well that definitely is one way to live life. Save it away. Dale managed to save $3 million by the end of his life. Well it seems that he was so focused on living like a poor man he never married or had kids. He once also claimed that he saved so much he had just two pairs of jeans to wear. 

Dale told the media that he had been poor all his life so he never got any college degree. What kind of excuse is that? So now you have to have a college degree to be successful? Are all these books filled with knowledge hanging around shelves of stores for nothing? I think a college degree absolutely does not help for anything if you have really found what career you love and want to pursue. It will just drown you in dept and you will probably end up hired as something that does not have to do with your degree at all. Oh and yes I forgot that your earnings are going to get sucked by your school debt. 

So is all of that worth it, going to college to put your “freedom” away. Well, apparently not for these 33 students who’s scholarship was paid for by the generous carpenter. The carpenter was getting old and since he had no children to take care of and also liked to live below his means he had no clue about what he wanted to do with the money. I would of said invest in a developing company or real estate or at least travel and see the world. But no, Dale instead hired a lawyer to question him about what would happen to his money after he passes away. 

The lawyer informed him that the money would go to the government if he did not create a will where his fortune would get transferred to. And of course no one likes to do that. He already paid too much taxes throughout his life to the government. They already had their bite. So he asked the lawyer what to do with the money. The lawyer advised him to spend it on something he always loved. Out of one billion options and not to mention starving children he donated it to scholarships. 

Dale did a very generous act and is seen as a hero for the 33 people he provided scholarships for. It is nothing wrong he did. He lived life simple by the terms he was raised upon and just enjoyed it. Sadly Dale passed away at the year of 2005. But he will never be forgotten by the people he helped achieve their dreams into getting into college and hopefully becoming an employee.

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