Couple breaks the world record for the longest couple married. 

The award to the world’s oldest couple goes to Charlotte Henderson that recently turned 105 years old and John that is 106 years old. This couple has a lot of years together and in December they will celebrate their 80th year together. This broke the world record for the oldest and longest-married couple in the world and they both won the Guinness World Record for the same deal. They met back in 1934 while they were both in university in Texas and they have never been separated since.

People have the same goal in life, to get married to the love of their life and welcome children into this world and also grow old together. But sadly not all couples go through all the stages of a marriage and they split. And some even pass away very young from various illnesses like cancer or heart problems. In both cases the other partner left alone remarries again. Now this might sound really closed-minded of me but how in the world are there people out there that have been married like 4 times. They even had a wedding celebration in every single one of them. First of all how can you afford all that and second of all hasn’t it come to your nose doing the same thing over and over again in front of your family members and loved ones with the only difference being a new partner beside? 

I think that if your second marriage fails also it is best to just find a partner and just live with them without marrying them because chances that you will give up on the relationship just like with the past partners will be high. Before marriage you should be sure that you have spent years with this person mostly in peace and understanding, otherwise the marriage will turn out to be a recipe for disaster. I am going to get married soon and I am certainly not sure about marriage. Even though me and my fiancée love each other very much we still fight over stupid things that are worthless. I hope that these fights will eventually fade because of our good communication skills of understanding or at least trying to understand each other.

The secret of this couple for being together for such a long time really opened my eyes. They said that the secret to being together is traveling a lot with each other and getting out of the house to do different activities like yoga, exercise, getting in touch with nature, etc. Also one important rule they share with each other is to never overdo something. They have never overdrank or eaten too much junk food for a long period of time, they do fun and enjoyable things from time to time without passing the limit of either overdoing them or not doing them. They say that this is what not only has kept them in love with each other for years but also was able to live a healthy and long life. 

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