Father punishes his daughter and humiliates her on social media for bullying another girl

Being bullied is not a good thing to experience while you are a child. We raise our children full of fear of them not being a bully or getting bullied. I was bullied a lot during my school years just for being darker colored than the other students. It all started as little jokes and I would not react to them. This made the jokes turn into hurtful sayings about me and it also grew into beatings. I do not know why the children would follow me to the bathroom and beat me up for no reason. I guess humans feed off the weakest link because of their real insecurities. Because the quiet guy who hates conflict is just easier to feed off.

We are no different from vampires that suck the blood of the pray and kill them. Some of the bullies these days might achieve just that. They mentally torture you making you think that you have something wrong and you are worthless when you are just some regular dude who goes to school just to learn. Even today I have huge scars, one on my arm and the other on my forehead just because of the beatings I had to deal with at school. The scar on my arm is easily seen from a distance. Yeah, you could imagine all the questions I get because of it. 

Recently the media is going wild because of this viral video of a girl who is walking in the middle of winter to school. She was recorded by her father who claimed that she had been suspended for the second time from going to school by bus because her bullying had passed the limits. No father wants to hear such a thing but what actually made this father mad is that her daughter told him that he would be sending her to school for the next few days. The father claims that she said this as he was obligated to do it and had no other choice.

It is just sad when you find out that your child has taken too many privileges they have for granted and think that it is a must for them to have these privileges. Privileges like riding a bus to school or your parent giving you a ride when you want to or even eating cafeteria food. These and much more are all things that children sometimes find normal and think that it is a must and a rule for them to have it. This dad wanted his daughter to realize what she was taking for granted by forcing her to walk 5 miles in the cold all the way to school. He later claimed at social media that his daughter did not bully her school mates anymore and that the lesion sure was learned.

But it is in the viewer’s nature to percept the father’s action as they wish and some even started to get mad at him and call him the bully. I do not understand why people put their noses in other people’s business and then curse them and offend them like they don’t have their own problems to solve they got to tell someone else how to solve his problem.

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