Loyal dog refuses to leave the owner’s grave. Days later she had given birth to puppies.

We all have a strong connection with our pets. They just do not have anything that can make you angry, their cuteness overload just distracts you from anything they do. My pet used to turn my house around and make a big mess. But I just could not treat him badly because he hypnotized me by showing me love and affection. Even the day I decided to put him up for adoption was really hard because I can remember him crying for me and not wanting to change owners.

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Dogs are just too loyal they make you ache for them. This dog surprised everyone by being loyal to her owner which recently passed away. The owner had raised her since she was a young puppy, he had fed her and taken care of her. As the dog was getting bigger she realized that her owner was getting weaker. The long walks at the park were getting shorter and playtime was becoming almost nonexistent. The dog knew her owner was in his final days. 

On the day of the funeral the dog followed the owner along with his family members and loved ones to his burial destination. After the burial took place everyone started to leave. The only ones left were the dog and the two grown children of the owner. The two tried their best to get the dog out of the graveyard but she would just come back. The son and daughter of the owner would soon get tired of the dog and since they had no interest in taking care of the dog they just left her behind and decided that every once in a while they would come and check on her.

Some days after the son decided to visit his father’s grave and was surprised to see that the loyal dog had dug a hole near his owner’s grave. That amused him so much he took a quick photo of the scene and posted it on social media. The photo got considerable views and melted the heart of those that came across it. One of the women that saw the photo realized that the graveyard was really near to where she lived so she took her time to take a look at the lonely dog. When she arrived she saw that not only the dog was living there, but her puppies she had just given birth too also. 

Vesna Mihajloski was the woman who spotted these dogs. But sadly they were in critical condition. The dogs were sick and needed help, so the woman contacted the owner’s son for help but he did not seem that interested in saving the puppies and their mother with the excuse that he had no time. Vesna felt very sorry for the dogs and just could not leave them there so she took her home and made sure they were cared for. The dogs recovered from their illness successfully and some were adopted while the dog of the owner who passed away stayed with Vesna since she really liked her loyalty.

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