Photo of a soccer player sharing her similarity with one-year-old fan goes viral.

Not everyone is born the same. We all have our own differences. I have a weird left rib that comes out of my lower chest making it look like a bump. When my wife saw it for the first time she could not help but wonder and ask me about it. It’s not a deficiency. It’s simply genetics. My mother has it and so does my younger uncle. It’s something that we picked up from previous generations. But I am not ashamed of it at all.

And so isn’t this one year old ashamed of being born with a partially formed arm. His name is Joseph Tidd and he is 22 months old. His parents are doing the best they can to teach him of not being ashamed of being born differently. And with what happened later, he is probably going to have a life full of motivation and a great example to look upon if times get harder when he grows up. Carson Pickett is a football player who was born with the same deficiency. And despite having a partially formed arm, she lives her life at her fullest.


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Despite my face, I don’t mind a bit of purple ???? It’s good to be back, NWSL and @orlpride

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Joseph’s parent takes him to see a match where Orlando Pride, the team for which Carson Pickett was playing. After the match, the football player came near the one-year-old baby to greet him and had an arm bump with him. His parents captured the moment and shared it on Instagram and now the picture has gone viral. Carson has been a great role model for Joseph and she has taught him that despite the cards that you are given, you can always make something better of yourself.


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SWEETEST REACTION ???????????????? . . I wanted to share this quick clip from our meeting with Carson the other day. For anyone who has asked “do they really know their different”, just watch this video. . . You can see the moment that Joseph pauses, the look on his face changes…he is thinking hard as he’s studying Carson’s arm. Then the joy that washes over him as he realizes “she’s just like me”. The smile and giggle followed by the unprompted desire to show his arm to Carson. . . This was the moment I love to see when those with a lucky fin connect. We have been lucky enough to see this several times at our lucky fin meet ups with other kids and adults. If you haven’t had a chance to attend a local meet up, go check out the Facebook page for your local chapter for more info. We will be at the Central Florida meet up for those in the Orlando area. . . Here are some pictures from the local news story with Carson on Tuesday. The link to the interview with Joseph and Carson is in our Bio. We even bumped into Bo Outlaw which made for an awesome picture with little Joseph. . . #luckyfinfamily #orlandopride #orlandomagic #booutlaw #tenfingersareoverrated #fox35 #fox35orlando #localnews #locals #heros #mentors #happiness #purehappiness #understand #bond #preciousmoments #heknows #coolarm #joy #giggles #newfriends #centralflorida #proud #limbdifferenceawareness #limbdifferenceawarenessmonth #biggerthansoccer #biggerthanbasketball

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