The new trend of using pineapples instead of pumpkins for Halloween is catching up.

It doesn’t feel as much as it used to last year but Halloween is right around the corner. It still feels like summer to me. I don’t why. Maybe it has to do with me being in the Netherlands during summer and it was cold there so it felt like spring. And now that I am back in Eastern Europe again it feels like summer even though it’s nearly Halloween time. Go figure. Anyway, now that Halloween is near people start preparing their masks, their tricks or treats, and their pineapples.

Did I just say pineapples? Yes, because a new sensation is catching up with people. It’s all over Instagram and the public loves it. I don’t really know who started it but this new trend but people are absolutely going crazy about it. Craving a pineapple for Halloween?! Purely genius. It doesn’t smell as bad as a pumpkin and it looks way cooler. But there are also cons to using pineapple for Halloween. You cannot draw the face on it before you start carving it. This is because pineapple has a harsh and thorny skin that doesn’t allow you to do that.

Personally, it’s not like I am a crazy fan of Halloween but when I saw this idea I thought that it was perfect. How did nobody ever think of this before? Well too bad. Now some else has to get the credit for inventing this idea. One of the best parts of carving a scary pineapple is that they look a lot better with that green crown. But there are those that don’t really like the idea of involving an exotic, summer fruit to a dark, autumn party.

But hey, this is something different finally. It’s like using a different method other than fireworks to celebrate New Year’s Eve. After all this period of doing the same old tradition over and over, it was about time that someone invented something new. And this practice looks spooky as hell. Who would’ve thought that pineapples would have been so scary? Their crown combined with their spiky skin, makes them look like a hairy monster. If you are planning to carve pumpkins this year, think again. Pineapples would be a better choice. 

Another pro of using pineapple for Halloween is that you can eat the inside. You don’t need to throw it out as you do with the pumpkin. You can open the top of the pineapple, take off the edible part and then start carving the eyes and mouth. Plus, pineapples already smell great. Combine them with the aromatic candles that you will put inside and the whole room is going to smell like heaven. Just give it a try since it’s the new trend and by the next year, I bet that everyone will have forgotten about the pumpkin tradition.

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