The little girl finally meets her donor who saved her life from Leukemia.

How far can a person go to save someone else? How much can a person do for the life of a stranger? We don’t quite know. But we do know that the more we help someone else the better we feel in our soul. The more we get purified from our own bad karma. While some people think they have done enough by just giving a quarter to the homeless man in the street, others think there is more to do even after they have been donors.

There is no measure at how much you can help someone else. There is no ‘enough’ when you help. Because the place where the help derives from is an infinite fountain of love and compassion and how can you put a limit to love and compassion. We try to measure it in our lives by saying the greatest thing that we can think of, but truly I tell you, there is no such limit. Especially when you have saved someone else’s life. The amount of unconditional love in such a case is simply mind-blowing in every way possible that you can imagine.

I was reading this article about a little girl,a survivor of leukemia, who finally met her donor after beating the terrible disease. The little girl, Adriana Aviles, was brought to tears when she finally met the man who saved her life. She was four years old when diagnosed with the condition and three years later she was cured and all thanks to this man. Laureano, encouraged by his university signed to be a donor for Be the Match. He thought that since he is blessed to be a healthy human being, then there should be no problem if he decides to donate a part of him to someone who needs it more.

And so he did. He went on to donate bone marrow, which was later used to heal the little girl, Adriana from cancer. And now that she is alive and well she cannot find the right words to thank Laureano. Because there is no such measure for unconditional love. Be the Match makes it possible for donors to meet the receivers once every three years and when their time came, Adriana was brought to tears when she saw the hero of her life show up at the door.

Her mother couldn’t just thank him enough either. They hugged and stayed by each other’s sides for hours and hours. Laureano didn’t feel like he did anything of that much significance. In his eyes he did what everyone else would do. But not everyone else has decided to do the donation. It takes a pure soul to bring the magic of love into the world.

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