Science Has Spoken on The Life Long Debate About who Matures Faster – Men or Women

We as men even in our adulthood hear the words stop behaving like a child. And, there are people who think that women are the mature person in every relationship. 

So, science has finally spoken about this debate, and researchers have found something amazing! Read on, and find out what science has to say about maturity in men and women!

Oxford University did a study in which they decided to study the differences between mature men and women. After taking a look at them, they compared the results and found out something that’s amazing.

The researchers found out that the way our brains mature is set by a long-term development of structural and functional networks which go into our adulthood.

The Process Takes Longer in Men!

Oxford University’s study tried to further explore which of the functions are changing and which stay the same throughout. The people leading the study were researching the brains of 121 people who were participating in the study with an MRI. These participants were in the age range of 4 all the way to 40 years.

Once they got the results, they were amazed. They found out that in the short-term functions, both men and women have similar patterns. But, when it comes to long-term functions, men are falling a bit behind.

Women are sharper

This may be the main reason why everybody says that men are slower to mature than women. But, they’ve also noticed that women oftentimes show earlier deterioration in the functional networks.

Eduardo Calixto, a professor at the Mexican UNAM, has written an article in which he explained that despite the fact that men have bigger brains, women are the ones that are more efficient and sharper in a couple of aspects. And, he said that the main reason for this would be the hormonal differences.

What are your opinions on this topic? Do you think that we, as men, take longer to mature? Or do you believe that we develop on time? Take your discussions in the comment section below! Don’t forget to share this article and get more people into the discussion!

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