The first-ever woman to become a 4-star general gets honored bt West Point

There are many career choices we can pursue but many focus on one, the one they are most fond of. The one they think will never get them bored from working, where they can be forever happy. But what people think that career options are is not what this woman chose to do in life. Most people think career options are being a doctor or a nurse, probably an engineer. But this woman named Ann Dunwood decided that right after college she would enter the world of being a military soldier and contribute to her state. The whole reason she did this as soon as she finished her studies was that since the year 1862 her family; starting from her great-grandpa, to her grandpa, to her dad, and to her brother all contributed to their state and all loved it.

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 She thought t might be something she would enjoy so she started as early as she could. She first signed a 2-year contract but when that ended and the time came to pursue another career she was really sad and confused. She felt like her soul belonged serving in the military. She told people that she couldn’t see the future elsewhere besides serving for the better of her country.

Ann then found what she loved to do and decided to do this for all her life. She gave 38 years of her life and all she got in the state. And she loved every single day! The years of determination did, of course, get her somewhere,  a position to be the first-ever woman  U.S general. Later on she earned the title 4-star general which she was so proud of. 

She claims that it is not easy being at this high rank and also being a woman. She sometimes gets frowned upon and what she calls angry looks from other soldiers. But despite that she holds her head high and does not think of it twice. The formula for her success is definitely not caring about what other people say and being well disciplined. She thanks discipline and the serious way of seeing life for the point that she got at in life.

In 2012 Ann retired, but before she had responsibility for the U.S Army Materiel Command. It was hard, and to have that much responsibility on your shoulders required skill and determination. 

But Anna was a 1 in 10000000 solders. Many people entering this kind of service do not make it, and a lot that does make it end up helpless in the streets mostly from some mental disability or past war trauma, some become cold and harsh not even their family sticks up to them anymore. It is quite sad if people see what’s behind these success stories. These soldiers are risking their life, most don’t care about the U.S, they are some green-card immigrants who accept to fight for the army just because they want that 401k in the end of their life to be financially free and happy with their families, or just because they want to support their family and that is the only way to provide them with every good they need. No one wants to hear sad stories, but they exist. They are living and breathing right this very second.

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