Little brother helps premature twins to get skin-to-skin contact

Giving birth to your second child can be an amazing experience as giving birth to your first. You just can not wait for the little cutie to come out in the world and be held by you. A family was experiencing just that when they gave birth to twins. Of course they were filled with joy but there was just one problem, the boys were born premature so thay quickly needed to be sent in an incubator in order to control their body temperature and stay as healthy as possible. When a baby is born prematurely the body of the baby is very delicate and they can get ill really fast. They need to be placed in an incubator in order for their body temperature to stay warm and so the lungs, heart, and breathing can all function properly.

But another method that has been practiced since the beginig of time is believed to be safer and have more health benefits for the premature baby. This method is called skin to skin contact. The mother usually puts the baby on her chest and by doing this the baby gets warm, his lungs function properly and he feels safe. Sadly in a lot of countries the skin to skin contact with a premature baby is not allowed and thought to be too risky for the baby’s well being. But luckily Sweden often allows the families to have contact with the newborn. 

This family whose twins were born prematurely had the luck to be located in Sweden, so they did not let the twins stay inside the incubator for a long period of time but often gave them the human touch. A photo was captured while this family was holding the babies and it just melted everyone’s hearts. The photo includes the father of the family holding one of the twins on his chest and right next to him was his son who was holding the other twin also on the chest. All of them were relaxing. It was an amazing moment to witness. The photo was not only heartwarming but also a lot of people could relate to it. A lot shared their story about how skin to skin contact helped create a strong bond between the baby and them. some also said that it made their baby gain weight faster and also be less immune towards sickness.

The big brother of the family was congratulated the most by the public by being a part of the family and taking care of the newborn twin brothers he had. Taking care and contributing to the family at that age does not let the bigger sibling out of the picture and it makes him feel more appreciated. Letting the older sibling interact with the youngest at such an early age will also form a strong bond between the pair.

It is these moments in life you will look back at and just realize how amazing they were and wonder how the years passed by that quickly,  moments just like this snapped photo of the dad and his three boys.

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