The fifteen-year-old kid who invented a device that can detect pancreatic cancer as well as other diseases with 100% accuracy.

With today’s technology one can invent amazing things that can do miracles and truly save lives. All you need is the right determination and will to put in the hard hours of work and you can invent the next cure of a terminal disease like HIV. That’s what a brilliant and great mind does. Invents ideas and then puts them into practice to benefit the whole world. Jack Andraka is the name of the kid who invented a device that detects pancreatic cancer with 100% accuracy.

Unfortunately Jack got inspired by a bitter happening in his life. He witnessed someone in his life die due to pancreatic cancer and so he took a vow to make it possible to detect the disease earlier than is detected today and so be able to save a lot of lives around the world. The old method of pancreatic cancer detection was invented 60 years ago so it was time for some renovation and innovation. Jack had first to develop the idea in theory and it took 4,000 tries in order to make the whole thing work at its best.

This device is going to be able to detect cancer 168 times faster and apparently is going to be a lot cheaper than the old methods used to detect cancer. Besides the fact that is going to be cheaper and faster, the device is 400 times more sensitive and according to Jack is 100% accurate in comparison to the old method that had only 70% of accuracy. He was refused by a lot of labs and researchers to put his idea into practice until he was given one shot that he took. Now he has the device ready and he says that using a similar method, other diseases like HIV or malaria can be detected as well.

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