130 days on treatment, two years old girl finally gets remission after beating cancer.

I was born two weeks before the full nine months. That doesn’t make me a premature baby, but according to statistics that means that I had a higher chance of having a poor health condition and being more vulnerable to diseases. When I was only nine months of age I was diagnosed with meningitis and it nearly killed me. I went into clinical death. Luckily the doctors did all they could and saved my life. It was really hard for my parents to see their little boy in that condition. And I am sure it is as hard for this mother to have seen her daughter beat cancer.

Molly was nearly two years old when she was diagnosed with neuroblastoma, a type of cancer that affects mostly the children under the age of five. But the worst news was that the cancer was on stage 4. Only 50% of the babies that have this cancer survive. Molly had to undergo a lot of treatments and procedures in order to stay alive. She had to do chemotherapy, surgery, stem cells transplant, immunotherapy, and radiation. That is a lot of treatments for a two-year-old.

So she went all these procedures for a total period of 130 days according to her mother and it was really hard. In fact, it was so hard that she has to wear a hearing aid now because the treatments affected her hearing.

Molly did in total five rounds of chemotherapy and now she is finally back to her life. When her mother got the remission news she couldn’t find the words to describe the joy. Though molly has to take pills for another two years to keep cancer from relapsing and do a scanner check every three months. Let’s all pray for her.

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