Man dies from flesh eating bacteria after going crabbing with his family.

Flesh-eating bacteria is a kind of organism that destroys everything in its way. Once you are contaminated by it, it will be very lucky if you are alive. A few days ago, a man went crabbing with his family but things did not go the way they thought. After getting some crabs and going only a little inside the water, the whole family returned home to enjoy dinner. Then Gary Evans, the man of the house went sleeping, only to wake up the next morning, not being able to move both of his legs.

He noticed that they were swollen and so they took him to the hospital. After a couple of analysis, the doctors started treating him for Vibrio and confirmed the bacteria infection hours later. It was the next day that the bacteria started manifesting and his legs started to have blisters. This is because this type of bacteria start terminating the cells and the muscles and it affects the skin too. After some time of treatment, the doctors notified his family, that Gary would not be able to live more than 72 hours.

They were devastated and the doctors were right. During that time of period, Gary was admitted to an operation, but there was nothing the doctors could do. The bacteria spread across his organs and liver together with kidneys. It went into his lungs and then in his bloodstream where it started to eliminate his veins. Just one trip to the Gulf of Mexico it was enough to end Gary’s life. This just shows how fragile and short is the duration of human bodies.

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