Teen makes the dress for his prom date

Prom could be one of the most nerve-racking and the most beautiful thing about high school at the same time. What to wear, who to go with, are just some of the questions teens ask themselves. Addi Rust from Indiana found her perfect prom dress months before the prom, but the dress she fell in love with was too expensive. She panicked because her mind was just on that dress and she didn’t know what to do.

Because she was so in love with the dress, she couldn’t stop talking about it, but because of its price, she started joking about how her prom date Parker could just make the dress for her.

Parker, who didn’t know how to sew stitches before, on the other hand, did just that. He thought to himself, why not make the dress for Addi. For months he started learning how to sew, and with a little help of his grandmother, he worked on it and day and night, making mistakes and restarting until the dress was just right.

Even the day before the prom, Parker was just putting the final touches on the dress, and when he showed it to Addi, she was just shocked by how perfect the dress was. She didn’t know who the dress would look like, but she had an idea of how could it look like, but in the end, she was amazed at how beautiful was the dress that Parker made for her.

She was not the only one left speechless. At the prom, the girls were amazed by what Parker did, and the girls were not the only ones who were amazed by his fantastic work.

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