Autistic boy always freezes when it is time to meet Santa, but this time it was different

Autism is nothing to joke about and it can often be hard to deal with, especially when you are a kid.  Baiz Weerts was a little boy that had been suffering from autism all his life. But despite the fact that he had this condition this did not mean that he was unable to have a normal childhood and have dreams that every child has. Since he was two, Baiz had always dreamed of meeting Santa. But the problem that made him fail to get a chance to meet Santa was that every time he went to meet him he got very happy. 

Unfortunately every time it was time to meet Santa, Baiz would freeze and just stay still. He was unable to move forward and either ran off or he would stay behind his mother. This happened for 6 years straight until he got very exhausted and at the age of 8, he was sure that he got over whatever fear he had happened in the past and was ready to go and finally meet Santa. 

Santa is each youngster’s fantasy and they improve each kid’s Christmas soul. In any case, for a few of us, that fantasy is somewhat squashed. As a kid, I constantly used to dream about greeting Santa and the tooth pixie however as I was communicating these emotions to my father when I was 7 or 8 I could see that he was somewhat bothered. He at that point disclosed to me that I was inept for having confidence in such things and that they are made to ‘control’ kids. What sort of father would pound a kid’s fantasy that way and in the most loathsome manner? 

Well as any youngster I didn’t take it well, I began getting pitiful as I suspected my father was lying from the outset. Why on the planet would Santa be shrewd? As years passed I comprehended that my father was so off-base from the beginning. Santa is really an image and the figure brings trust in each youngster over the world. It is additionally useful for guardians to keep humble and not boast to their children about purchasing those presents however reveal to them that Santa got it for them and let the youngsters acknowledge themselves after numerous years that it was them who really purchased the presents for them. 

But Baiz’s parents were different and to not crush their child’s dream his mom took him to Santa. But this year was no different, Baiz still froze the moment he was about to meet Santa, so he started crying at the end result. He did not actually know that Santa was behind him.

Santa then approached the boy and told him that there was no reason to cry and that everything was going to be okay. The child then calmed down and saw that it was not that hard to encounter Santa. After that, he would not talk about anything rather than the magical moment between Santa and him. 

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