Man with autism becomes a businessman after being rejected many times to work as an employee

Michael Coyne is born no as the average person is. He suffers from ADHD, autism and bipolar disorder. Now even one diagnosis is hard to deal with, imagine having three. They say that for every bad thing there is a good side also because people diagnosed with autism or ADHD are also geniuses. I had a friend once with both of these symptoms and she looked lost and hyperactive all the time. There were times she would focus on something like the color of an item or a random item and would get hyped up for nothing.

It was not that crazy to me but I cannot imagine living like that also. But she had nothing no one I have ever met had and that was that she had the strongest memory I had ever heard of.  She even claimed she could remember as far as when she was two years old. Michael was kind of the same. He was a little bit too hyped up and all over the place but on the other hand, was a very smart man.

When he was old enough to find a job he realized he could try working at a coffee shop to prepare coffees. But sad enough to say he was always rejected every time he tried to set up an interview. Obviously, he got rejected by his differences, but that was not the end of trying for him. He faced rejection well and thought that if no one was willing to hire him he might as well open up his own coffee shop and hire himself. So he did and now he is better than he would ever be if he would get hired by someone else.

Michael loved working at the coffee shop so much, he was dedicated to preparing good treats and also good coffee for the costumers. He wishes to spread the word that he hires people without discriminating against them if they have a disability or not. He has open arms for people with autism, ADHD, Down syndrome, etc. and even people with no disabilities. The coffee shop is going on great and Michael is very proud of himself. 

The only thing that is holding these people back in society. Although society gives these people a lot of support they treat people with disabilities with too much kindness, make things too simple for them I hope of them understanding better and they even avoid and give them weird looks in public. This makes these people feel uncomfortable all their life and also feel as if they got ha huge barrier that does not let them accomplish what other people can accomplish. This is very sad because anyone can make it and there are actually examples like Michael that these people can even become more than employees. 

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