Elephant spends 11 hours straight digging to save her little one

Mothers have a strong connection with their offspring and will go to extreme levels just to make sure they are saved and raised properly. I am not talking just about humans but animals also. In fact, a lot of mammals will rather risk their life then let their child get into any harm. This story of an elephant mother giving her all just to save her son will just ache your heart. The pair were said to be seen walking towards a well to drink some water and have found themselves in a very bad situation due to the baby elephant slipping in the well and getting stuck there. 

The mother was confused at first and the cryings of her stuck baby just made her panic and think fast for a solution to find a way to get him out of there. At first, she used her trunk hoping she would pull her son out of there, but after a lot of time of trying she realized that her baby had not even moved a single bit. In fact, it had worsened the situation getting him more stuck than he was before. 

Now because elephants are not as dumb as we might think they are the mother actually came up with another idea in getting the baby out of the well. She realized that the only thing left to do was to dig around the well deep enough to set her son free. She started digging and would not stop at all. People then gathered to save her and her baby but because she was too focused on saving her baby herself she would try to harm anyone that came near her thinking that all they wanted to do is harm her baby more.

So the people had no other choice than to back up and wait for the mother elephant to become exhausted and stop digging so they could save the baby themselves. Their only choice for the moment was to watch the elephant try to save her baby until she would give up. But the mother was so determined to save her little one she would not stop digging for hours on end. The baby elephant was trapped around 8 in the afternoon and the mother did not even think to sleep. She kept digging for 11 straight hours until the sun was shining again. 

The people were waiting for any moment for her to get exhausted to go and save her baby. Then the mother finally did so the people soon came to action and firstly distracted her with bananas and water so she would not get defensive. Then everyone pitched in a little and in no time the baby was set free and reunited with his mother. They both shared the remaining bananas and were taken care of by the people who helped them until they were set free to live in the wild like they used to before. As smart as they are they never came close to the well again.

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