Pointless school policy ends up being fatal to one student

When we send our kids to school, we expect that the teacher and other staff look after them like they are their own. If not, sometimes it will result in something horrific.

Because of a school that didn’t pay full attention, young Ryan Gibbons would still be alive today, continuing to be the happy child he always was. Ryan had always wanted to play outside, it always brought him joy. But asthma still had an effect on him, depriving him of his energy.

It is known that asthma is nothing to play with. Because Ryan needed his inhalers to prevent him from having the attacks and avoid unwanted situations. The school he went to had an idiotic policy that didn’t allow him to use it.

Ryan was playing soccer with his school friends, and then he started having an asthma attack. He seriously needed his inhaler. Still, he didn’t have one on him because the administrator took them and locked them away at the start of the day.

His friends all panicked and picked him up from the ground and started carrying him to the administrator’s office, where the inhalers were locked. When they got to the administrator’s office, he wasn’t there, and the office was closed so they couldn’t get inside. They started running and screaming so someone could hear them and try to help them. But unfortunately, by the time someone noticed them and tried to help Ryan was lying dead on the floor.

If it wasn’t for that dumb policy, the school had about Ryan’s inhalers her would still be alive and well.

Ryan’s parents had countless times told the school that Ryan needs his inhalers to be with him all the time in case something happens, but the school wasn’t listening to them. The fact that they could care more about some pointless rule tells you how much the school cares about its students.

Because every inhaler that Ryan took to school, they would take from him, his parents started to tell Ryan to hide them so he could have one on hand always. But even then, the administrator would catch Ryan with them and take those as well.

The dumb policy was that every prescribed medicine that a student is carrying with them should be kept in the office of the administrator. It is unbelievable how not one of the staff in the school thought that this could be very dangerous to some students.

Ryan’s parents were revolted because they had talked and argued so many times with the school, and nothing changed, and now their little boy was dead. She wanted everyone to hear Ryan’s story and started a campaign on making sure that this kind of thing never again happened to anyone.

A petition was started, and the local government had to create rules for the schools. Them being not to confiscate asthma inhalers from students that needed them. School staff would no longer take the inhalers from students while they were at school to put them away.

It took some time, but in the end, a new law was passed, called Ryan’s Law, where no longer teacher and other staff of the schools could take away student’s inhalers. Ryan’s mother has said that what happened to her son was such an avoidable situation. That teacher and staff of schools should have the right training on how to respond if a child has an asthma attack, knowing what to do in that kind of situation. She said if the teacher and staff knew how to handle such a situation and if they were trained for them, her son would still be alive today.

We all know that schools have these pointless rules, but at least dress codes and not chewing gum in class is not fatal. Ryan should have never been at risk, and, unfortunately, his life ended in the way it did.

Ryan’s mother knows that she will never have her little boy back, but at least she knows that no other child will ever again be put at risk in a place we think is safe for our kids.

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