Down syndrome kids dress as Disney characters for a photo-shoot

Not long ago, a UK photographer’s photos have gone viral and all for a good reason. She dressed up kids with Down syndromes like Disney characters, and they all look lovely. Nicole Perkins wanted to raise awareness for Down syndrome, so she did a project called “Down with Disney.” She had previously worked with people with Down syndrome as a photographer. In a special need school, so the idea came to her naturally. She has said that the Down syndrome community is the kindest and beautiful people she has worked with, and combining that with a little bit of Disney, of course, it will go viral.

She has said that the messages and the response to the photo-shoot have been unbelievable. The children and families were so fun to work with, and the energy and vibes on the set were just perfect. Seeing how the little cuties smiled and had fun during the shoot was just heartwarming. She has added that the joy that she brought to them was so gratifying, plus to see so many people enjoying them online, it was all worth it. She hopes that people see more than just the disability and wants people to know that there is so much more then what they hear from hospitals.

This is not the first project that Nicole has down with people with Down syndrome. Last year she had the “Down Right Beautiful” project that featured 30 plus, kids, teens, and adults. She wanted to continue to spread awareness this year also so the “Down with Disney” was created.

She has said that she wanted to show that people with this disability have an extraordinary beauty of their own and combining that with Disney, everything felt perfect.

Dressing up cute little kids like Disney princes and princesses is just amazing, and people have already started to ask for more. It is just a good cause, and spreading awareness in this way makes it more special. Nicole hopes that more photographers can do projects like this. Because the majority of the people online have said that they would instead look at photos like this that the typical photo-shoots of celebrities.

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