Teen helps out a blind elderly woman cross the street

We all should, in one way or another, try to make the world a better place, and we can achieve that by small acts of kindness. 

This story shows that even one small act of kindness doesn’t get unnoticed. Dontarius Caldwell and his younger sister Diamond were sitting on a bench waiting for the school bus. While waiting, they were playing video games on their phones. At one point, Diamond noticed an elderly woman trying to cross the street. She put down her phone and told her brother that it seemed that she needed help. She said to him that she looked blind, and she was struggling to cross the street.

Diamond has said that she caught the elderly woman on the corner of her eye and told her brother that she looked like she needed help. Without even thinking, Dontarius stood up and went to help while she waited on the bench.

When Dontarius got close to the elderly woman, he asked her if she needed help crossing the street. She replied that she did need help and gave her hand to him. Dontarius took her hand, and both of them slowly crossed the road. Neither Dontarius nor his sister was aware that someone caught the act of kindness on their phone. And a few days later, they saw themselves of the internet going viral.

When local media approached the freshman from Cincinnati, Ohio, and asked him about what he did, he just said that it wasn’t anything special. He didn’t think his little act of kindness would go viral across the country.

He also added that he and his sister were raised that way, to try to help out anyone that needs help. Since the photos were posted on social media, thousands of people have commented, praising Dontarius for his action. Dontarius said that you should treat everyone the way you want to be treated, and sometimes helping out can go a long way.

When the news broke out, the school that Dontarius attends gave him a key to the school as a reward for his act of kindness.

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