Tears Flow as Son Refurbishes his Basement into a Living Space for his 87-Year-Old Parent

Our parents are the most important people in our life, they gave us so much growing up and it’s natural for us to want to repay them.

Not all of us are able to buy them a fancy car or a brand-new house, however, this isn’t necessary. Even the smallest gestures are appreciated by our parents. It reminds them what a well-mannered and caring child they brought up, which is all they truly want.

Despite this, many of us try our best to give back to our parents as much as possible, especially when they enter their elderly years and rely on us, just like we used to rely on them many years ago.

Schon, son to 87-year-old couple Bonnie and George, began to worry about his parent’s wellbeing, after mother Bonnie fell and broke her shoulder. He was increasingly worried they would soon have to be moved to a nursing home, something he couldn’t bear the thought of.

It was time to come up with a solution. Schon, with his wife, Jeanie, started to look into senior living options such as homes that came with an in-law suite. After having no luck in their search, they came up with a plan.

The couple from Bremen, Ohio began work on turning their basement into a fully functioning living space for Schon’s parents. After removing a karaoke machine and pool table, along with blasting through a wall in the basement, it was ready.

Witness the heart-warming moment 87-year-old couple, Bonnie and George Miller, are unexpectedly presented with their brand-new living space from their son Schon and wife Jeanie.


There is arguably no better feeling than giving back to your parents, especially after the years of sacrifice they gave us growing up. It can be anything from the gesture in the story above to a simple phone call, a little goes a long way.

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