Students make a special gift to their visually impaired peer, after spending more than 1500 hours to create it.

Every teen loves the period of the year when school is nearly done and you receive your own yearbook and with that a special memory that you can keep for life. But sadly, for RJ Sampson this was just a wish, which he thought would never come true since he is visually impaired and so he could not read or see the photos on his class yearbook.

He would really like the idea of being able to somehow have the knowledge and enjoy the yearbook, so on one day he asked his teacher, Leslie Thompson, if they could somehow create a braille yearbook. “When are you going to make me a braille yearbook?” RJ asked his hall teacher, who shrugged because he, himself thought this would be an impossible task. The idea was really great but they did not know if it was going to be a possible achievement. But however, RJ’s classmates were determined enough to at least try, to see if it was possible.

Years passed by and now RJ was finally a senior at Conifer High School in Colorado. He probably even forgot the whole idea of the braille yearbook by now. But what followed next, was such a surprise that made him fall to tears of happiness. His hall teacher Leslie, the vision team along with the yearbook committee, had spent more than 1500 hour to create the braille yearbook especially for RJ, who had no idea, that his once so long desired wish, had finally come true. He finally received the yearbook and was happier than ever.

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