Cute earmuffs made by farmer to protect the animals from getting frostbite.

While we as humans have everything we could have ever wanted and every protection against weather, our common habitat neighbors, animals, don’t have the same as us. Ever since the Ice Ages, humans have been using all kinds of different methods to protect themselves from the blistering cold of the winter and we have succeeded in most of the cases. Now that we have everything figured out for our selves, we can also help our fourlegged friends to have the same as us.

A farmer posted on Twitter recently, a photo where he showed a young cow wearing earmuffs to protect the cow from getting frostbite. It turns out that the natural cover that Mother Nature has given the animals, it’s not enough to protect them in a case of really cold weather, so that’s why we interfere to help these animals through it. Since the exposure to very cold weather can cause hypothermia and frostbite, this farmer has come up with an elegant solution to protect his animals from death. It is not uncommon to witness cases where animals were harmed or even died from the blistering cold damaging their ear, tails and other parts of their bodies.

When it comes to the cold and the dangers that it might have for some animals, it is especially recommended to protect the younger animals since their fur is not enough to keep them from the cold. Besides the fact that is really cute to see a young calve wearing earmuffs, it is indeed an elegant and efficient way to make sure that they are alive and well. After all, we would not be able to exist without them so we need to our best to not only turn on the air conditioner in our house when it’s cold or hot but to have a spare blanket for our animals too.

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